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Climb aboard our breathtaking 33 Foot Yacht and set sail on the waters of Lake Ontario. Our courteous and ever-attentive crew will welcome you with a smile, serve hors d’oeuvres and cocktails as you leave all your worries behind awhile we cruise along the coast of our beautiful City of Toronto.

Perfect for celebrating special occasions, our private cruises are ideally suited for intimate gatherings of friends, (max of 4), who wish to have their own exclusive sailing experience.  Every event is custom tailored to meet your specific needs, including unique menu and beverage options.

Imagine enjoying a tranquil cruise past the world famous Harbourfront Centre or through the beautiful island lagoons with the Toronto city skyline as a backdrop.
Experience the rush of a great sail or just relax.  Our services are outstanding, above and beyond your expectations. We provide the service of gracious hosts and you will sense our gratitude for such a wonderful experience in meeting and sharing a beautiful day or evening with our very important guests.

416-399-1519 / stevenbrammer@sympatico.ca