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Medical Consultant

Medicine is changing daily and important information is leading the way. How can you keep up to date?

I continue to establish patient-focused, results-driven, integrated and sustainable relationships within the healthcare system.  Building a sustainable public health care system is based on helping people stay healthy, delivering good care when people need it, and protecting the health system for future generations.

I am fortunate to have close partnerships within a variety of health care organizations and government ministries to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

My extensive experience and a strong track record servicing the health care sector include such areas as:

Anesthesia / ICU/NICU/Emergency/Operating Room/
Cardiology/AED’s/CPR First Aid/EMS

Consultative Strengths:

    •  Applies current medical knowledge to medical data regarding diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and impairment
    •  Assists in strategic planning and management
    •  Performs ongoing client management and project work
    •  Analytical and critical thinking skills
    •  Excellent interpersonal/negotiation skills
    •  Ability to train and mentor others
    •  Strong team and collaborative skills
    •  Adapts to changes in the work environment